Makunouchi Bento x Selfmademusic / live-performing

23 sept. 2017 19:00
is a work in progress DIY no-budget almost-horror mokumentary set in the sinister village of Bodrogu Vechi (Old Bodrog). The movie follows a group of washed-out artists joining an art residency in Bodrogu Vechi, only to discover something hidden in the village’s history. This film uses a non-traditional formula of telling a story by combining documentary style shooting with regular filmmaking blocking, self-conscious subtitles (which are mocking the movie in real time, similar to the Mystery Science Theatre 3000) and experimental music composed by Makunouchi Bento.
We invite you to enjoy this live performance based on the movie’s soundtrack by Makunouchi Bento, also featuring some originally, unreleased music by the film director, Selfmademusic. A mixture between the original soundtrack, initial music created by the director and some moments of live improvisation with experimental ambient.
Alongside the live performance, a montage with a number of UNRELEASED scenes from the Bodrog movie (footage that will not make the film’s final cut) will be exclusively projected during the show.

Detalii locație

Cinema Arta

Strada Vasile Alecsandri nr.2, Arad

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